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Asked on July 24, 2017 12:19 am
Category: Tuning

I recently got a Topaz to compliment my Diamond (which has been great). I’m trying to tune my suspension and I find a lot of conflicting information out there. I ride a Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc (2013 model - VPP2). I spoke to one person at Santa Cruz who said to set sag and then set rebound to remove oscillations, he pointed me to this video:

It makes sense, do you guys agree with him about this “Critical Damping” point?

Then I saw this thread on MTB:

I asked Dougal (shock tuning pro who seems to know his stuff) what he thought of this method and he “doesn’t like it”. He advocates setting the spring rate by running the fork/shock wide open and getting a good feeling frequency when you bounce it up and down or ride a trail. Then set the rebound so its as fast as can be but still feels good:

His method is pretty subjective and hard to really know when I've achieved the right settings. Any more objective tips to tuning my Diamond and Topaz?

I’ll be doing a trail ride Tuesday and have my settings here: weight on bike 190-192lbs Diamond: 110PSI, 4 clicks from wide open rebound, 0 turns OTT (for now), wide open LSC, wide open HSC, about 30mm sag or 20% Topaz: 210PSI main, 170PSI bladder, open setting, 2 clicks of rebound damping, about 14mm or 27%. Sock volume reducers (assuming there are not any in there, right?).

This feels ok as I ride around, off curbs, small 18” drops, down stairs, etc. However it still has oscillations in the rear. If I eliminate the oscillations it feels a bit dead.

I nearly use all the travel on the Topaz but never use more than 140mm on the Diamond (set to 150mm) and rarely use more than 130mm.

Diamond: I think I need to drop the pressure down and reduce the rebound damping. Rear: add a volume spacer in the Positve chamger and bumping up the bladder pressure. I’ll try it at 200PSI and see if that helps keep it in the mid stroke and not running through travel.

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