Torque Specs

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PartTorque Specification
Top Crown7 N.m / 62 in.lbf
Lower Crown7 N.m / 62 in.lbf
Drop Out Bolts7 N.m / 62 in.lbf
Axle7 N.m / 62 in.lbf
Air Top Cap Assembly30 N.m / 265 in.lbf
Rebound Top Cap Assembly30 N.m / 265 in.lbf
Bottom loader30 N.m / 265 in.lbf
Air End Cap 30 N.m / 265 in.lbf
CTA Bolts (8)3.6 N.m / 32 in.lbf

Emerald Torque Spec Back View Emerald Lower Front View Emerald Bottom View Torque Specs