Spare Parts List

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Service & Tuning KitsPart Number
Seal Kit1439016
Air Piston Kit1439015
Shim Kit1429007
Diamond Spare Parts Diagram

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Reference #Part NumberDescription
11439002Damper Complete
21439003Comp Assembly
31439004Rebound Assembly
41439005Rebound Footnut Assy
51439006Air Cartridge Complete
61439007Air Shaft Assy
71439008Damper End Cap
81439009Fender Kit
101439012Air Spring Foot Nut Assy
111439013Bladder Kit
121439015Air Piston Kit
131439016Seal Kit
141439017Travel Reduction Kit
151439018Damper Knob & Detent Kit
161439019Bleed Screw & O-Ring
171439020Cable Guide & Screw
181439021Air Cap
191439001-TC704Upper Assembly Green
191439001-YS727Upper Assembly Black
201439100-TC704Bottom Case Assembly – 275 – Green
201439100-YS727Bottom Case Assembly – 275 – Black
201549100-TC704Bottom Case Assembly – 29″ – Green
201549100-YS727Bottom Case Assembly – 29″ – Black
1439010-blackDiamond Decal Set Black 275
1549010-blackDiamond Decal Set Black 29″