Torque Specs

We recommend all DVO Suspension service(s) should be performed by a qualified bicycle mechanic. It is very important that all bolts and assemblies are torqued to DVO Specifications to ensure proper installation and rider safety. If you have any questions regarding torque specifications that is not shown below please contact

PartTorque Specification
Cable Guide Bolt3 N.m / 26.5 in.lbf
Fender Mount Bolt3 N.m / 26.5  in.lbf
Fender Snap-In Bolts7 N.m / 62 in lbf
Compression Loader9 N. m / 80 in lbf
Top Plug Air Cartridge15 N.m / 132 in.lbf
OTT Foot Nut 10 N.m / 88 in.lbf
Top Plug Damper Cartridge15 N.m / 132 in.lbf
Rebound Foot Nut10 N.m / 88 in.lbf