Spare Parts List

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Jade Spare Parts Diagram

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Reference #Part NumberDescription
21429002Compression Assembly
31421012Reservior Body
51421004Bladder Air Cap
61421007Air Cap Lock Nut
71421001Air Cap
81421013Spring Clip
91421011Preload Collar
101421009-225Main Body 2.25
101421009-275/250Main Body 2.75/2.5
101421009-300Main Body 3.0
101421009-350Main Body 3.5
121429004Piston Bolt Group (EXCEPT 3.5″)
121429004-350Piston Bolt Group (3.5″ Only)
141421017-22514mm Shaft 2.25
141421017-25014mm Shaft 2.5
141421017-27514mm Shaft 2.75
141421017-30014mm Shaft 3.0
141421017-35014mm Shaft 3.5
151421018Rebound Adjuster Knob
161429006Seal/Repair Kit
201429020IGUS DU Bushings Kit
211429001-225Shaft Assembly Kit 225
211429001-250Shaft Assembly Kit 250
211429001-275Shaft Assembly Kit 275
211429001-300Shaft Assembly Kit 300
211429001-350Shaft Assembly Kit 350
1429007Shim Kit