Air Pressure Guide

To access the air valve you must remove the air spring cap that is found above the OTT adjuster. Attach your shock pump securely and inflate the air spring to the recommended air pressure. After you have added the proper amount of air pressure remember to securely replace the air spring cap so that no dirt or moisture can get inside.

Air Spring Cap

To access the air valve you must remove the air spring cap by rotating the cap counter clockwise.

Shock Pump Attachment

Keep in mind that when attaching the shock pump some pressure will be lost. The amount being displayed will be less than what was previously set at.

Air Pressure Range: 60-100psi
OTT Range: 6 clicks = 1 full rotation. 15 full rotations total. (OTT settings start from completely open counter clockwise)

Rider WeightAir PressureOTT
120-139lbs | 54-63kg60-65psi0-2 rotations
140-159lbs | 64-72kg65-70psi3-4 rotations
160-179lbs | 73-81kg70-75psi5-6 rotations
180-199lbs | 82-90kg75-80psi6-7 rotations
200-219lbs | 91-100kg85-90psi8-10 rotations
220+lbs | 100+kg95-100psi11-14 rotations

*If you are out of the range of our recommended base tunes then custom tuning might be for you. Check out our Custom Tuning Page for more details.