Base Tune

Setting up your fork is one of the most important things you can do to get the most out of your suspension. Follow these base tunes and get your suspension dialed. Remember, these are starting-points. Rider ability, preference and track conditions will vary.

When setting up your suspension, start from Wide-Open. Wide-Open is characterized by taking the adjuster and turning it counter-clockwise until it stops. Turn each adjuster to the Wide-Open setting before starting your base tune. Each adjustment below refers to making adjustments clockwise from the Wide-Open setting

Air Pressure Range: 60-100psi
OTT Range: 6 clicks = 1 full rotation. 15 full rotations total.
Rebound Range: 40 clicks total
High Speed Compression (HSC) Range: 33 clicks total
Low Speed Compression (LSC) Range: 27 clicks total

Rider WeightAir PressureOTTReboundHSCLSC
120-139lbs | 54-63kg60-65psi0-2 rotations3-7 clicks0-1 clicks0-1 clicks
140-159lbs | 64-72kg65-70psi3-4 rotations5-8 clicks0-2 clicks0-2 clicks
160-179lbs | 73-81kg70-75psi5-6 rotations6-10 clicks2-3 clicks2-3 clicks
180-199lbs | 82-90kg75-80psi6-7 rotations7-11 clicks2-4 clicks2-4 clicks
200-219lbs | 91-100kg85-90psi8-10 rotations8-12 clicks3-5 clicks3-5 clicks
220+lbs | 100+kg95-100psi11-14 rotations10-14 clicks5-7 clicks5-7 clicks

*If you are out of the range of our recommended base tunes then custom tuning might be for you. Check out our Custom Tuning Page for more details.