OTT Guide

OTT gives you the “Best of Both Worlds” for softer initial feel while being firm in the mid-stroke…run higher air pressures without the harshness

OTT exclusive performance features:

  • Externally adjust how the initial 70mm’s feel no matter what your air pressure is
  • Improves small bump traction and sensitivity
  • Increases comfort & reduces hand and arm fatigue
  • Improved vision

Higher air pressures allows fast moving riders to skip over bumps and holes but the downside is the harshness. With the OTT feature, the initial 70mm’s of travel can be independently tuned regardless of air pressure. Heavier or fast riders can run higher air pressures while still having amazing small bump sensitivity & traction by simply increasing OTT.  Lighter riders who run lower air pressures will use less OTT allowing use of all the travel without having the fork sack or hammock in the middle of the stroke. The Best of Both Worlds!

To adjust the OTT knob you must remove the air out of the fork. After you are done making the adjustments set your air pressure back to your previous setting.

Clockwise = Softer | Counterclockwise = Stiffer

Air Pressure Range: 60-100psi
OTT Range: 6 clicks = 1 full rotation. 15 full rotations total.

Rider WeightAir PressureOTT
120-139lbs | 54-63kg60-65psi0-2 rotations
140-159lbs | 64-72kg65-70psi3-4 rotations
160-179lbs | 73-81kg70-75psi5-6 rotations
180-199lbs | 82-90kg75-80psi6-7 rotations
200-219lbs | 91-100kg85-90psi8-10 rotations
220+lbs | 100+kg95-100psi11-14 rotations

*If you are out of the range of our recommended base tunes then custom tuning might be for you. Check out our Custom Tuning Page for more details.