Rebound controls the speed at which the fork extends after compression. Turn the knob clock-wise for SLOWER rebound and counter clock-wise for FASTER rebound. Rebound damping control is relative to the amount of air pressure used. Higher air pressure requires more (slower) rebound damping and a lower air pressure will require less (faster) rebound damping so please adjust accordingly.


  • Why do you need rebound?
    Rebound is how fast the suspension returns after it is compressed. It needs to be slow enough so the rider isn’t bucked off their bike but then fast enough so that in a series or impacts, the wheel returns in time to absorb the next impact
  • What happens if your rebound is too fast?
    If rebound is too fast, your wheel will fall into more holes, instead of skipping over the top of them. Handling will feel twitchy and hard to control, it will be easier to be thrown out of control on jumps and landings.
  • What happens if your rebound is too slow?
    If rebound is set too slow it will pack on successive hits because the fork cannot extend fast enough keeping you in the mid stroke. This will result in the wheel going deeper into the travel on every hit and riding towards the end stroke.