Air Pressure

The Jade Coil features a bladder in place of a traditional IFP (Internal Floating Piston) for optimum small bump sensitivity.  The purpose of the bladder is to separate the air from the oil in the reservoir. To achieve the best performance and durability, it is extremely important to set the air pressure to the proper range (170-200psi).


1. Remove air cap (A) to access air valve (B). Thread on a suspension specific pump and apply the recommended air pressure.

Rider Weight Air Pressure
 120-139lbs | 54-63kg  170psi
 140-159lbs | 64-72kg  175psi
 160-179lbs | 73-81kg  180psi
 180-199lbs | 82-90kg  185psi
 200-219lbs | 91-100kg  190psi
 220+lbs | 100+kg  200psi

*If you are out of the range of our recommended air pressure then custom tuning might be for you. Check out our Custom Tuning Page for more details.

2. After you are done setting the air pressure, remove the shock pump and securely attach the air cap.