Base Tune

Properly setting up your shock is one of the most important things you can do to get the most out of your suspension. Keep in mind that we cannot account for every single frame and leverage ratio on the market but the base tunes below is a good starting point.

For the rebound starting point, turn the knob all the way clock-wise until it stops.

For the high & low speed compression starting point, turn both knobs all the way counter clock-wise until it stops.

Air Pressure Range: 170-200psi
Rebound Range: 37 clicks total
High Speed Compression (HSC) Range: 24 clicks total
Low Speed Compression (LSC) Range: 22 clicks total

200×57/7.875×2.25 & 215×63/8.5×2.5

Rider WeightPSIReboundHSCLSCSpring Rate
120-140lbs/55-64kg170-175 PSI34-32 CCW3 CW1 CW400lbs
140-160lbs/64-73kg175-180 PSI33-31 CCW4 CW2 CW450lbs
160-180lbs/73-82kg180-185 PSI32-29 CCW4-6 CW3-5 CW500lbs
180-200lbs/82-91kg185-190 PSI31-28 CCW6-9 CW5-8 CW550lbs
200-220lbs/91-100kb190-200 PSI29-26 CCW6-9 CW5-8 CW600lbs

221×68/8.75×2.75 & 241×76/9.5×3

Rider WeightPSIReboundHSCLSCSpring Rate
120-140lbs/55-64kg170-175 PSI34-32 CCW2 CW1 CW350lbs
140-160lbs/64-73kg175-180 PSI33-31 CCW3  CW2 CW400lbs
160-180lbs/73-82kg180-185 PSI32-29 CCW3-5 CW2-5 CW450lbs
180-200lbs/82-91kg185-190 PSI31-28 CCW5-8 CW5-8 CW500lbs
200-220lbs/91-100kg190-200 PSI29-26 CCW5-8 CW5-8 CW550lbs


Rider WeightPSIReboundHSCLSCSpring Rate
120-140lbs/55-64kg170-175 PSI34-32 CCW4 CW1 CWNA
140-160lbs/64-73kg175-180 PSI33-31 CCW5 CW2 CWNA
160-180lbs/73-82kg180-185 PSI32-29 CCW5-7 CW2-5 CW275lbs
180-200lbs/82-91kg190-195 PSI31-28 CCW6-9 CW5-8 CW300lbs
200-220lbs/91-100kg195-200 PSI29-26 CCW6-9 CW5-8 CW350lbs