Pre-Ride Check

Do not ride your bicycle, if any one of the following test criteria is not passed! Riding your bike without eliminating any defect or carrying out the necessary adjustments can result in an accident, serious injury or even death.

Do you notice any cracks, dents, bent or tarnished parts of your suspension or any other part of your bicycle? If so, please contact a trained and qualified        bicycle mechanic to check your fork and/or complete bike.

Do you notice any oil leaking out of your shock? Check hidden areas such as the main seals. If so, please consult a trained and qualified bicycle mechanic to check your suspension or bike.

Make sure your wheels are perfectly centered in order to avoid any contact with suspension fork or brake system.

Compress your shock with your body weight. If it feels too soft, inflate to the prop- er pressure to achieve accurate SAG, inflate until your SAG is between 25-30%. Please also refer to SAG section for more details.

Make sure your brakes are properly installed/adjusted and work appropriately. This also applies to every other part of your bike like handlebars, pedals, crank arms, seat post, saddle, etc. Check the cable length and routing of your components. Make sure they do not interfere with your steering actions or full compression.