Troubleshooting your fork can sometimes be a bit tricky because you need to understand when to make what adjustments.  One symptom may have two different solutions. Knowing which solution to use can sometimes be a guessing game. To take the guess work out of the equation use our Base Tune settings to make sure you have a solid starting point. Once you have set up your fork with the recommended Base Tune then you can continue with our troubleshooting guide. Please keep in mind that our Base Tune settings is only a starting point and adjustments can be made according to terrain and personal preference.


Causes & Solutions

Harsh Feeling
Not Using Full Travel
Poor Traction
Causes: Too much compression damping or too high of a spring rate.
Solution: Reduce the amount of compression damping on the adjuster, or go with a softer spring rate.
Bottoming Out
Soft Feeling
Causes: Spring rate is too low or not enough compression damping.
Solutions: increase spring rate or compression damping on the clickers.
Too Much Sag
Too Soft Initially
Cause: Too little preload
Solutions: Increase spring preload
Harsh On Small Impacts, Still Using Full Travel Cause: Too much preload or compression damping.
Solution: Lower spring rate; decrease compression damping; reduce preload
Suspension Progressively Feeling Harsher Over a Series of Bumps Cause: Too much rebound damping
Solution: Decrease amount of rebound with the clickers
Ride Is Harsh,
Rear End Kicks Up With Medium to Large Sized Hits
Cause: Too much compression damping
Solution: Reduce compression damping or decrease spring rate.
Wheel Chatters Over Small Bumps Or On Downhills Cause: Too much preload or Compression Damping
Solution: Decrease Compression Damping and Reduce the amount of preload
Front End Springs Back
Poor Traction in Turns
Cause: Not Enough Rebound Damping
Solution: Increase Rebound Damping
(Bars moving from side to side and rear end kicking up)
Cause: Too little Compression Damping Or too soft of a spring rate.
Solution: Increase compression damping or spring rate. If rear end is kicking up- lower SAG; reduce spring rate; decrease compression damping