OTT Tuning

The first thing you want to do is set the correct air pressure for your weight. If you haven’t done that yet, refer to the tab above. (air pressure)

Once you’ve read that, you now have a better idea of how the air side works on the Diamond. So what’s the next step? Let’s teach you how to tune your OTT!

What is OTT?

OTT is short for “off the top” and it does exactly that; tune how the fork feels off the top. It does so by adjusting the preload on the negative spring just like you would do so on a coil shock. OTT is one of the coolest features on a fork EVER! This gives you the ability to tune the small bump sensitivity of your fork without having it affect the rest of the stroke (mid-stroke & end stroke). How cool is that!


Properly utilizing the OTT feature is extremely important. The main thing to keep in mid with this feature is it fully depends on the air pressure to work. In simpler terms, the more pressure you have, the more OTT you need (more sensitive). The less air pressure you have, the less OTT you need (less sensitive).

Adding OTT (more sensitive) 

When making changes to your OTT, we recommend 2 full (360 degree) rotations at a time. Go clockwise to make it more sensitive.

Removing OTT (less sensitive) 

As we said above, we recommend 2 full (360 degree) rotations at a time. Go counter-clockwise to make it less sensitive.

Q: When do I need more OTT? 

You need more OTT if your fork is too firm on the small bumps and beating your hands up. Make your adjustment and try it out. If the problem is still persisting, you need to run a lower air pressure.

Q: When do I need less OTT? 

If you feel like your fork is riding too low in the travel, or sagging too much, backing off the OTT may help. Make your adjustment then try it out. If the problem is still persisting, you need to go up in air pressure.

The video below will quickly breakdown what we talked about above. If you have further questions about setting up you OTT, give us a call! (661)-295-9500